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Purchasing a new set of tires

This is the number one maintenance cost when operating commercial vehicles. When a tire seems worn and ready for the scrap pile, be sure to check the condition of the casing, because retreading services may be able to extend the useful life of that tire.

At W. D. Tire Warehouse, Inc., our professional retreading services in Columbus,OH are designed specifically for commercial and industrial vehicles, from medium trucks to heavy-duty tractor trailers to construction equipment. Retreading tires can save you nearly 50% the cost of purchasing a brand new set of tires. For fleet managers, retreading services for commercial tires can significantly reduce operating costs without sacrificing the reliability and dependability of tires.

At our facility

When our tire technicians prepare a tire for retreading, they carefully inspect each casing before the worn tread is buffed away and new tread is effectively bonded onto the tire body through a process involving heat, time, and pressure. The retreading process at our facility is made possible through the use of state of the art equipment and extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented tire technicians.

Tire casings have multiple tread lives, so it’s important to monitor the life of the tire casing when deciding whether or not retreading services are right for that tire. Most major tire companies will agree that a tire should be pulled for retreading when it reaches 6/32nds tread depth in order to maximize the casing life of the tire.

If you are wondering about the tread life or casing life of your tire, allow us to conduct a complete inspection in our retread plant where we can make a more educated recommendation on when to take advantage of our professional retreading services in Columbus,OH.

Flat Proofing

Foam Filling

Our foam fill tire services in Columbus, OH can help keep the tires on your commercial fleet from ever running flat. By filling tires with foam, if the tire is punctured, nothing will escape, allowing your fleet to continue operating without delay. Common uses for foam fill involve construction equipment, heavy duty tractors, and mowers. Foam fill services are best for tires on commercial vehicles that handle the most wear and tear.

Foam filling your tires can help increase the life of the tire while maximizing performance, stability, and dependability of your tires. A foam filled tire in Columbus, OH is virtually flat-proof. Our specialized foam fill process involves injecting a urethane gel through the valve stem or through a hole drilled into the tire sidewall, and then allowing the tires to harden between 24 and 48 hours. Our process is guaranteed to fortify tires against flats and unnecessary maintenance.

Some added benefits of foam filling tires includes more consistent tire pressure, more effective maneuverability over tough terrain, and the comfort of more stability added to the weight of your commercial vehicle. During our foam fill process, depending on your preference, we can use different types of foam fill in order to give your tires the desirable level of tire pressure.

Like retreading services, our foam fill services in Columbus, OH are another way to proactively reduce the costs of purchasing new tires. So help ensure that your tires remain flat-proof. Schedule an appoint with us for a foam fill today.

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